Conservation Actions

It has been recorded from the Manusela National Park. Further information in general is needed into this species, particularly details are needed into any threats to the species or its habitat.

Location Information

This poorly known species is endemic to Seram island, Indonesia, where it is known only from the type locality of Mt. Manusela at 1,830 m (Musser and Carleton 2005). It may be present at other locations, although this needs to be confirmed, but the species is almost certainly restricted to suitable habitat at elevations above 1,800 m.

Population Information

This species is known from only two specimens collected in 1920 (Helgen 2003).


The species is presumed to be threatened by logging operations; desiccation of montane forest through clearance of lowland habitats, and competition, and possible disease transmission from the introduced Rattus rattus.

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