Primate Innovation Award

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The Primate Innovation Award facilitates dialogue, ideas exchange and expertise sharing between primate-focused NGOs and charities. Two heads are often better than one which is why this Award recognizes forward-thinking charities for proposals that identify and implement synergies in the area of primate conservation. The Award is carried out in collaboration with International Primatological Society and the winners will be announced at the 27th International Primatological Society Congress which is held August 19 – 25, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. For details,…

Call for ZSL 2019-2021 EDGE Fellowship applications

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ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme is now accepting applications for 2019-2021 EDGE Fellowships. The list of eligible species is attached (relevant ASAP species are highlighted in yellow) along with Fellowship advert. For more information please visit: This is a great opportunity for early to mid-career conservationists to gain new skills and work on poorly known ASAP species. The EDGE Fellowship ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme is the only global conservation initiative focusing specifically on threatened species that represent a significant amount…

Croeni Foundation Almost Famous Award 2017 – Now Open!

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The Croeni Foundation has announced a new round of the Almost Famous Award 2017, putting a spotlight on neglected animal species on the brink of extinction. This award hopes to help raise awareness and funds to these lesser known Critically Endangered species. For full announcement and to find out more please visit the Croeni Foundation website Deadline: 15th October, 2017 Photo credit: Yoeung Sun

Croeni Foundation Announces the Spring 2016 Winner of the Almost Famous Award

Sunda Pangolin by Roland Wirth
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Croeni Foundation has announced Save Vietnam’s Wildlife as the Spring 2016 winner of the ALMOST FAMOUS AWARD and the recipient of the SGD5,000 prize. The Almost Famous Award gives a voice to species that most people do not know exist and hopes to help raise awareness and funds to increase the survival chance of the lesser known endangered animals. The winning organization, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, is a national nonprofit committed to protecting and increasing populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam…

The National Geographic Foundation for Science and Exploration in Asia Calls for Proposals

Flying Fish
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The National Geographic Foundation for Science and Exploration in Asia calls for proposals related to Research, Conservation and Exploration. ASAP species qualify for the Research and Conservation categories of the grants. The grant program is open to residents of Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam to work anywhere in the world. Grants for Young Explorers Grants (YEG) are also awarded through this program. These…

‘Almost Famous’ Award Announced by the Croeni Foundation

Almost Famous
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The Croeni Foundation has announced an award for “Almost Famous” species and the first award will be given to an ASAP species. The “Almost Famous” award gives a voice to species most of us don’t know exist and we might not know enough yet to keep it in existence. The award hopes to help raise awareness and funds to increase the survival chance of unknown endangered animals. For more information on the award criteria, please visit

Applications for 2016 Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Conservation Team Awards Now Open

Conservation Leadership Programme
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Applications for the 2016 Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Conservation Team Awards are now open! CLP aims to advance biodiversity conservation globally by building the leadership capabilities of early-career conservation professionals working in high-priority places with limited capacity to address conservation issues. This partnership initiative, including BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International and the Wildlife Conservation Society, has been helping young conservationists across the world achieve their goals for 30 years. The Programme is relevant to ASAP species and we encourage…

Daunting Scale of the Illegal Trade in Native Birds in Indonesia

Pramuka Bird Market
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TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, recently launched a report detailing the massive scale of illegal trade in Jakarta’s bird markets. A comprehensive survey of Jakarta’s sprawling bird markets shows the daunting scale of the illegal trade in native birds and raises the alarm for Indonesia, home to the highest number of threatened bird species in Asia. In the Market for Extinction: An inventory of Jakarta’s Bird Markets released by TRAFFIC found over 19,000 birds representing 206 species for sale…

Sumatran Rhino Likely to Go Extinct Unless Action Is Taken Urgently, Warns IUCN

Sumatran Rhino
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With fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos surviving in the wild, the species will likely become extinct unless the Indonesian Government urgently implements the Sumatran rhino recovery plan, warns IUCN on World Rhino Day. The remaining 100 Sumatran rhinos represent less than half of the population size estimated during the last IUCN Red List assessment of the species in 2008. Listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, the Sumatran rhino is now presumed extinct in the…