Chester Zoo announces William Oliver Philippine Champion Award

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The Chester Zoo William Oliver Philippine Champion Award 2019 honours the legacy of William Oliver (1947 – 2014); a dedicated champion for the wildlife of the Philippines.   Application deadline: 31st March 2019 Training dates: 10-30th October 2019 Contact more more details: The aims of the Award are: To financially and technically support six conservation projects in the Philippines that will have positive conservation impact To provide training in core and project-specific skills for the Filipino conservationists co-coordinating these…

ASAP launches 2018-2023 strategy for species on the brink


Read our 2018-2023 strategy Today, the Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) launches its 2018-2023 strategy, outlining how it will work towards its vision: Species extinctions in Southeast Asia have been averted and wild populations are secure and thriving across their natural range Averting species extinctions in Southeast Asia is now widely recognised as an important component to maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being. The region is incredibly important on a global scale for biodiversity, but it sadly has very high…

Talk in Singapore on International Wildlife Trade Policy

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International wildlife trade and the role of the CITES Convention: Implementation, challenges, opportunities, priorities Join Dr Sue Lieberman in Singapore this Friday to discuss the growing problem of illegal wildlife trade, how governments implement regulations and what some of the challenges are. Date & time: 4pm, Friday 22nd February 2019 Speaker: Dr Sue Lieberman, Vice-President, International Policy, Wildlife Conservation Society Venue: Function Room, Botany Centre, 1 Cluny Road (Singapore Botanic Gardens) Find out more     Featured image by Wildlife…

2019 DICE MSc Scholarship – Apply now!

DICE MSc Scholarship 2019
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The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) is advertising their 2019 DICE Msc Scholarship. This is an opportunity to receive a fully funded studentship on one of the taught Master’s in their Conservation Science and Management programme. The Scholarship is for one of the six Taught Master’s Courses offered at DICE, all starting in September 2019: MSc in Conservation Biology MSc in Conservation and International Wildlife Trade MSc in Conservation and Primate Behaviour MSc in Conservation and Project Management MSc…

Freshwater fish – the importance of updating conservation status

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This week ASAP Director, Nerissa Chao, is attending an IUCN Red Listing workshop for Freshwater Fishes in the Sunda region. For the entire week, experts are discussing and reviewing the status of freshwater fish species. But why is this important, and what does IUCN Red Listing lead to? A focus on freshwater fish According to Mittermeier et al., 2010, freshwater ecosystems cover an estimated 0.8% of the world’s surface, yet support up to 12% of the world’s known species. Despite…

Funding opportunity for ASAP partners and species: New Protected Areas

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Next round: The Rainforest Trust opens calls again for proposals to create new protected areas ASAP Partner, Rainforest Trust, has an open call for proposals. They are offering support for organisations across the tropics to create new protected areas for Critically Endangered and Endangered species. Rainforest Trust prioritizes projects in Key Biodiversity Areas with globally significant populations of Critically Endangered and Endangered species, following the A1(a) criterion of the KBA Standard. This opportunity is open to any NGO legally registered…

Singapore’s national plan to save the Sunda pangolin

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Being the world’s most trafficked mammal has brought the pangolin to the brink globally. But a new national strategy will ensure the Sunda pangolin will continue to find refuge in Singapore.   Conservationists from Singapore and beyond have developed a Sunda pangolin National Conservation Strategy and Action Plan. The document sets out a 50 year road-map for securing a thriving future for the Sunda pangolin in Singapore. Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for…

Conservation plan to save the Helmeted Hornbill launched

Helmeted Hornbill. Credit: SANJITPAAL SINGH/
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Today we launch a new 10-year conservation strategy and action plan to protect the Helmeted Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil). It includes calls for increased funding to scale-up conservation attention on a bird that has seen a recent surge in international trade. About the bird The eye-catching Helmeted Hornbill has a relatively short bill, with a distinctive red helmet. The unique call of the male can be heard over a huge 2 km distance. Adults can grow up to 1.2 metres, and…

International Conservation Grants from Zoos Victoria – Now open!

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Zoos Victoria has announced their 2018-19 round of International Conservation Grants is open for applications. The grants are for projects that support wildlife conservation, outside Australia. Projects favoured are those that influence the adoption of conservation sensitive-behaviours. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate meaningful on-ground benefits to wildlife and people. Applications can be made on-line on the Zoos Victoria website at Please note that the on-line application form and Application Guidelines can be found through the link. Applications will close on 30 September…

Palawan Forest Turtle breeding success gives hope for critically endangered species

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First-ever critically endangered Palawan Forest Turtle hatched under human care Recorded for the first time, the critically endangered Palawan Forest Turtle (Siebenrockiella leytensis) has been hatched under human care. The success means new hope for the ASAP Species, which is highly sought after for the illegal wildlife trade. The turtle is currently teetering on the brink of extinction. After nearly five years of conservation breeding efforts, two ASAP Partners, the Katala Foundation Inc and Wildlife Reserves Singapore, have announced the news….