ASAP Species Rapid Action Fund - now closed


During a conservation project, unexpected conservation emergencies may arise, or a need for unforeseen activities. In these cases, time is of the essence. Fast action can make all the difference to a species' chance of survival.

That is why ASAP is offering grants to ASAP Partners for urgent and emergency conservation of ASAP species. For details on the types of activities that will be covered, please refer to the Application Guidelines.

Due to our limited funding and the ongoing financial constraints many organisations are currently facing, priority will be given to species that are receiving less conservation attention globally than is average for ASAP species, and to applications making a clear case that the species in question is severely under-supported globally.

Grants of up to EUR 10,000 are available on a rolling basis. To be eligible, you must be an ASAP Partner.

The ASAP Species Rapid Action Fund is generously supported by Fondation Segré.

Key documents:

To apply, send your application form and a CV for the project leader to



Photo credits from left to right: Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Orangutan Foundation, Wildlife Reserves Singapore