Our strategic focus

The IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) was formed in recognition of the need to mobilise resources to minimise the number of species extinctions across Southeast Asia.

ASAP is an alliance of conservation organisations with the collective aim of focusing urgent conservation attention on the freshwater and land vertebrate species in Southeast Asia at the highest risk of extinction. Focusing much-needed attention to halt the loss of the most threatened species will be an important step in preventing species loss that is imminent in the region.

ASAP works across four strategic interventions:

Most ASAP species are currently neglected, and are not receiving essential conservation attention. ASAP pinpoints key gaps in conservation effort, and creates an enabling environment for effective conservation action. 

Sunda Pangolin. WRS

There is an urgent need to increase funding for Critically Endangered species in Southeast Asia. ASAP advises on financial investment priorities, and leverages funding opportunities for ASAP species conservation.

Arakan Forest Turtle. Scott Trageser/NatureStills LLC

Strengthening capacity in countries where ASAP species occur will help increase conservation action and impact. ASAP identifies the needs and engages with capacity building and training providers to build targeted conservation capacity.

Orangutan. Andrew Warmsley

Despite being Critically Endangered, ASAP species are often deprived of conservation attention. ASAP communicates with key audiences to bring awareness of and drive action for ASAP species conservation. 

Mekong Giant Catfish. Roland Wirth