The ASAP Secretariat is responsible for facilitating and supporting the work of the Partnership through implementing the strategy. The Secretariat is presently made up of four staff: a full-time Director, a part-time Partnerships and Communications Manager, a part-time Species Advisor and a part-time Strategic Advisor.

Nerissa Chao


Nerissa has been leading the ASAP Secretariat since 2016. She comes to the team with 15 years of experience in field conservation, developing and implementing programmes in Gabon, Rwanda and Kenya. Nerissa has worked for both international and local NGOs, within formal protected areas and on community managed land. Previously to ASAP, she worked in Vietnam managing projects in the Mekong Delta.

Vicki Guthrie

Partnerships and Communications Manager

Vicki has worked for a number of environmental NGOs, focusing on development and partnership building. Her focus at ASAP is on raising the profile of neglected ASAP species, and creating conservation opportunities across the partnership.

Madhu Rao

Strategic Advisor

Madhu RaoMadhu led on the initial creation and coordination of ASAP. She continues to be an active advisor and plays a key role in developing the partnership. Alongside this, she is a Senior Advisor and Representative of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Singapore. Madhu has a broad experience of conservation project delivery, and international protected area and wildlife policy.

Will Duckworth

Species Advisor

Will is a freelance wildlife surveyor and conservation advisor. He specialises in birds, large mammals and their habitats in Southeast Asia. Will has been involved with ASAP since the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria Southeast Asia Campaign of 2011-2013.