There is a growing recognition that inclusive and diverse leadership is fundamental for conservation success. Achieving effective conservation requires people of all genders working together - bringing and appreciating our full selves and diverse perspectives to this significant work.

The presence and voice of women are crucial, and whilst their inclusion is linked with improved conservation outcomes, women often face gender related work place challenges and are still under-represented in senior roles. Gender bias and harassment can erode an individual’s ability to reach their full potential, and block or hinder career advancement and entry into leadership positions.

We believe that tackling these challenges and empowering women conservationists in the region is critical for long-term, sustainable and successful conservation of ASAP species.

Want to read about the experiences of women leading ASAP species conservation?

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The ASAP Women in Conservation Leadership Programme provides targeted training with opportunities for shared learning and knowledge to strengthen leadership skills for women conservationists conserving ASAP species. It brings together women from across the region, providing a unique and excellent opportunity to engage with and learn from other like-minded women, and develop a strong conservation network and support mechanism for participants’ work beyond the programme.

The 2021-2023 ASAP Women in Conservation Leadership Programme cohort includes women from across Southeast Asia with a diverse range of areas of focus and background. Meet them and learn about their motivations below.

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Chen Pelf Nyok

Executive director, Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

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Co-executive director, PROGRES

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Ho Thi Kim Lan

Education Outreach Manager, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

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Irhamna Putri Rahmawati

Conservation Programme Supervisor, Wildlife Rescue Centre Jogja

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Ysabella Montano Ward

In Situ Project Manager, Talarak Foundation Inc

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Christel Griffioen

Country Director, Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity

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Tạ Thị Hương Giang

Programme Coordinator, WildAct

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Andi Baldonaldo

Development Program Manager, Philippine Eagle Foundation

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Dwi Agustina

Conservation Program Coordinator, Perkumpulan Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia (KKI),

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Akchousanh Rasphone

Conservation Science Director, Wildlife Conservation Society Laos

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Nguyen Thi Anh Minh

Member, IUCN Large-antlered Muntjac Working Group Member of IUCN Deer Specialist Group.

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Yunita Siwi

Programme supervisor,  Selatmakanyaki

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