The Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP!) is an interagency coalition established to address the extinction risk among the most threatened land and freshwater vertebrates of Southeast Asia.

A comprehensive Global Mammal Assessment in 2008 implemented for the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM revealed that Southeast Asia had by far the highest concentration of species on the edge of extinction of any largely continental region in the world.

Similarly worrying patterns emerged in the illegal trade for reptiles in the region, indicating that there has been an explosion in urban markets for wildlife meat and medicinal products over the last few decades.

ASAP can be seen as an emergency call to bring together conservation organizations in an effort to focus attention on a region that, without further intervention and immediate action, is likely to see the demise of much of its unique biodiversity.



ASAP aims to:

  • catalyse urgent actions to reduce immediate threats causing the decline of ASAP species by filling knowledge gaps, kick-starting new initiatives for species recovery
  • strengthen ongoing conservation action by facilitating partnerships, raising profiles and increasing financial support and access to funding
  • convene and support dialogue among stakeholders by helping coordinate and streamline action and propose policy changes
  • improve efficiency and impact of conservation action by promoting conservation best practice for species planning and impact monitoring
  • safeguard existing populations through captive breeding programs



ASAP Partners

Current List of Participating Organisations and Projects in the ASAP Initiative

IUCN SSC Specialist Groups and Red List Authorities with ASAP species:

  • Amphibian SG
  • Asian Rhino SG
  • Asian Wild Cattle SG
  • Australian Marsupial and Monotreme SG
  • Bat SG: Tigga Kingston / Rodrigo Medellin
  • BirdLife International (RLA)
  • Crocodile SG
  • Deer SG
  • Freshwater Fish SG
  • Pangolin SG
  • Small Mammal SG
  • Snake and Lizard (RLA)
  • Stork, Ibis and Spoonbill SG
  • Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle SG
  • Wild Pig SG

Governing Council Organisations

  • European Association for Zoos and Aquaria
  • IUCN Asia Regional Office
  • Global Wildlife Conservation
  • TRAFFIC Southeast Asia
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Wildlife Reserves Singapore 

For more information, please read the ASAP Constitution:

ASAP Constitution Final


ASAP logo design: Eric Losh
‘About Us’ featured image: Roland Wirth
Species data provided by IUCN: IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.